Building Pledge Drive

Websterville Christian Academy was born in the hearts of Pastor Albert Collins and his wife Virginia Collins. There was a call and a dream placed there by the Lord. A call to provide an education different than the world offers, that would train up a child in the way that he should go. Websterville Christian Academy has been in the heart of Vermont for almost 47 years.

This is a mission that has been here through the thick and thin. It all began in a small church on top of a hill, and the Lord has blessed it to where we are right now, in a beautiful campus where the Lord has brought us, blessed us, and made us prosper.

Why do we need Christian education now? Today more than ever, as we see the world teaching doctrines and teaching subjects that are against God’s will, and against the morals and values that as a nation we were created under, that as Christians we are built upon, we need a place for our children to be raised and taught the proper way.

A letter making the case for Christian Education & WCA

God is using WCA in many different ways. Lives are being transformed. The Gospel is being preached. Even those who didn’t believe are beginning to see how God restores their lives. Little children come to know the Love of God. Young men and women, in a world that offers them nothing, find value in what God has called them to be.

We ended up here, in this place, by God’s will. And now we are in a crossroad. We’ve been raising money to be able to finish buying this building, and that’s why we’re making this plea. We, right now, have this opportunity to purchase this property.

We believe that it is God’s will that we remain occupying this property, that He can and will provide. We have seen Him provide $1.1 million of it so far. To purchase the property and begin the needed repairs, God must provide about $600,000 more.

Right now, we need to see donations making up the final $600,000. NOW is the opportunity to see God move and provide.

Are you able to give? Do you know someone who is able to give? A friend, family member, local business? Church?