First Day of School Reminders

Here are a few things to keep in mind for tomorrow!

1. We ask that you bring your students by 8:00 AM

There will be a general assembly in the gym each morning at 8:00 AM. For the first day, parents are welcome to come in to experience the assembly with their student(s).

2. There will be no hot lunches for the first week.

For Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of the first week, there will be no hot lunches offered. We will be posting the menu for the rest of the month of September soon. Please get your orders in once we do!

3. School ends at 2:50 PM

School gets over at 2:50 PM, after which you can pick up your student(s). You can pull up to the sidewalk in the front of the main building. Please make sure you pull all the way forward in order to keep the line moving.

4. There will be no extended care for the first week.

There will be no warrior club (our after school club) for the first week of school. We are working on the details for this program and will release more information soon.

See you in the morning!