Hot Lunch Ordering

Here at Websterville, we are blessed with a wonderful, home-style hot lunch program (thanks Nel Lunde!). Take a moment to look over the menu to see what we have to offer our students. Then, please read this letter giving instructions on how to order. The process is simple. Then order for the specific week you are ordering for.

*lunch comes with fruit, veggies, and a dessert

Week of January 19-22 (order form for this week)

  • MONDAY: NO HOT LUNCH (half day of school)
  • TUESDAY: Shepherd’s Pie
  • WEDNESDAY: Beef stew
  • THURSDAY: Chile
  • FRIDAY: Pizza

Week of January 25-29 (order form for this week)

  • MONDAY: Chicken Patty
  • TUESDAY: Tuna Casserole
  • WEDNESDAY: Tomato Soup
  • THURSDAY: Hamburgers
  • FRIDAY: Pizza