The Great Holiday COOKIE Exchange! To Show Appreciation for WCA (and LFN) Staff

This Christmas season we are asking for parents of children and students at Little Flock & Websterville Christian Academy to donate cookies to contribute to a cookie exchange for the school staff.

We would like to ask each family to bring in 3 dozen cookies!

Brandi will be keeping a spreadsheet of who is planning on bringing what type of cookie. Look for the link to the Google spreadsheet at the end of this article. If you need help navigating the spreadsheet, or if you’d just prefer to call her directly to get you signed up, that is fine too. Call her at the school at (802) 479-0141.

The cookie exchange will take place Friday, December 20th. Please bring in your cookie contribution Wednesday or Thursday, December 18-19.

Here is the link to the Google spreadsheet. Enter your name, cookie type and description.


Thank you for your cooperation, and Merry Christmas!