WCA – 2 quick messages – 9/15/2022

We have 2 quick messages for you!

1. Dress up and dress down days…

At WCA we have days each week when we ask students to dress up nicely, and days we allow them to dress casually. Any day your student has chapel, we ask them to dress nicely. Any day they have physical education scheduled, we allow them to dress casually. I hope this clears up any confusion.

2. Constitution Day Celebration

Hello Parents…

Please read the following email that was forwarded to our school. 

If you have a student that is interested, please reach out directly to Gregory Thayer. His contact information is at the bottom of the page.

I am Gregory Thayer of Rutland, and Founder of “Vermonters for Vermont’ initiative, an education platform.

We are organizing a Constitution Day celebration this Saturday, September 17th 2022 from (10am to 12:30pm) 

on the Vermont State Capitol lawn in Montpelier VT. 

There will be a Keynote speaker; Professor Jason Jagemann, PhD. at Norwich University in History and Constitutional Law.

We will have students from around Vermont Live read assigned parts of the Constitution from the Preamble to the

Twenty-Seventh Amendment. We will have other speakers and Constitution learning activities for people of all ages.

We are seeking 2-3 additional students to be Live readers for this Saturday.  

I am hopeful that Websterville Christian Academy would have some interested students. 

If there are any interested students, please contact me at your earliest convenience to discuss details. My contact information is below. 

I have also attached the Press Release for your review. Thank you!

Respectfully requested,


“Vermonters for Vermont” Initiative
Gregory Thayer, MBARutland, Vermont 05702
m. 802.417.7734
e. V4V2018@aol.com