WCA 2020 Yearbook Ads are for Sale Now!

Do you own a business? Would you like to congratulate your WCA student? Would you like to help support Websterville in a special way? Think about purchasing ad space in this year’s (2020) school yearbook!

It’s simple to do, inexpensive to pay for, and the rewards are worth it! Here is a quick breakdown of the cost involved:

(1 inch block – $5.00)
Minimum Size, 6 blocks —   $30.00
⅛ Page (12 blocks) ———-   $60.00
¼ Page (20 blocks) ———- $100.00
½ Page (40 blocks) ———- $200.00
Full Page (80 blocks) ——- $400.00

Here’s sample pages with grids showing examples of the ad sizes we’re offering:

Yearbooks are timeless, meaning they are looked at and loved for many years. This means that your ad will be seen by hundreds of people for many many years!

Support our sponsors from last year’s yearbook!

Contact the school today! Leave a message for Tim Lenahan, the yearbook adviser. Office: (802) 479-0141