WCA – Let’s watch our speed at drop-off and pick-up times!

The safety of our children is always one of our top priorities. From keeping a safe environment to the speed of vehicles around our school. We have been observing that many motorists do not slow down even when someone is standing at the crosswalk. Therefore, we contacted the local authorities and they are posting an officer in the mornings and afternoons by our school to ensure that speed limits are maintained. They will be patrolling the area throughout the day as well. This morning (September 28th, 2023) the officer approached me after pulling a vehicle over for speeding in a school zone, and informed me that out of 11 vehicles he had clocked, 10 belonged to someone dropping off students… oops!  He asked if we would send out a notice to the WCA family as a reminder of the speed limit as he doesn’t want to give tickets out to parents dropping their children off to school.  

In that light, please make sure that speed limits are kept at 25 mph or below. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.