WCA – Parent Teacher Conference Scheduling – April 2021

Parent teacher conferences are coming Monday, April 5th. We have set up this page to help parents sign up for conferences with their students’ teachers. Simply click on the link for your students’ class.

Main Campus (Little Flock through elementary)

Peewee Class (Mrs. D.)

Llama Class (Ms. Kate)

Kindergarten – Jan Terrill

1st/2nd Grade – Jane Watson

3rd Grade – Connie Ricker

4th Grade – Alison Schumacher

East Campus (5-12 grades)

5th Grade – Bethany Beebe

6th Grade – Chris Rossell

For 7th-12th grades (junior and senior high), parent teacher conferences are typically done with all teachers (which are necessary) meet with the parent(s) at one time. When scheduling a time, make sure you tell us which teachers you need to meet with.

Junior and Senior high