WCA – Regrowing our sports program

We are excited to introduce our new athletics director, Michael Schumacher!

Good Morning, WCA families!!

My name is Michael Schumacher (Alison’s husband, and Emma, Ari, Elizabeth, and Elijah’s dad). I’m honored to be serving the families of WCA as your WCA Warriors’ Athletic Director this year. 

We’re super excited to begin the process of regrowing our sports program here at WCA! 

We are going to need to start small and regrow it like a new plant, but I believe if we all put the work in to cultivate, tend, and water it, we will have a flourishing program very soon!

Our first step this fall will be to start with a 4th-12th intramural soccer program similar to the one we ran back during COVID. I know many of you are involved in other organized sports and we support that, but if at all possible, whenever you can, please join us as well! We really want to bless every student and family here at WCA, and I promise we will make it fun!

I do have a full time job in management and also serve as the Worship Pastor at Enough Ministries in Barre, so we are all very blessed that Ms Alyssa Johnston has agreed to serve as our our on-campus Athletics Administrator! She is working hard on a bunch of details for us this week and will be putting an email out soon regarding schedule, transportation, location, volunteer needs, etc. 

Please feel free to email me at michael.schumacher@wcavt.org with your thoughts, suggestions, and any way you can help us make this an amazing experience for our awesome kids!


Michael Schumacher