WCA – Soccer Signups for 2023

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

We are so excited to be able to provide an opportunity for the 4th-12th graders to engage in soccer after school!  Here is our current plan

(game schedule to follow once we’re underway!):

  • Transportation: On Mondays and Wednesdays, soccer players will be dismissed from the sanctuary at 3pm to change their clothing.  They will then meet in the cafeteria at 3:15pm where a snack will be provided.  Students need to be ready to get on the shuttle by 3:30pm and will then be transported from school to the East Barre Park and Playground.  Soccer will begin at 4pm and will end at 5:30pm.  Pickup will be PROMPTLY at 5:30pm.  All coaches and parent volunteers will be leaving at that time too, so timeliness is an absolute must.  
  • Volunteers!! Speaking of parent volunteers, we are looking for some!  We’d like for 2-3 parents to volunteer per day to help supervise the kids at the soccer field, and drive the van from school to the field.  We will be sending out a Google Calendar that will allow you to sign up for specific dates that work with your schedule. If you can do a day every week, that’s awesome, and if you can do occasional days, that works too! If you can’t make it, that’s fine, but please let us know, and if at all possible, help us find your replacement 😊
  • Schedule- Soccer will begin on Wednesday, 4 October, and run every Monday and Wednesday from 4:00pm-5:30pm until Wednesday, 1 November, or possibly later if weather permits.🥶
  • SIGN UP!! – Please sign your student up and let us know if you’ll be able to volunteer on the attached signup form by Monday so we can start to form teams and gauge our volunteer involvement. We are really hoping for as close to 100% attendance/involvement as possible! We all need each other to make this work!
  • Cost: We’re not requiring a fee, but if we were able to average out to about a $50 donation per family, that will help us build a budget up for basketball season too! If you can’t afford it, please don’t donate! We want this to be a blessing. If you can be more generous, it will directly bless all of our kids and their families! Any amount is appreciated!
  • Permission slips: will be going home to students that signed up on Monday, 2 October.  Please review the information on it, sign, and return to school by Wednesday, 4 October.  If your child does not have a signed permission slip, they will not be able to participate in soccer until the school has received it. 

We hope this will be a great opportunity for some good natured competition and physical activity for our students! If you have any questions, feel free to contact Mrs. Alyssa Johnston in the office at 802-479-0141 or by email at alyssa.johnston@wcavt.org.  


WCA Athletics Department