WCA – The East Campus is Virtual this week, but we can still be festive!

Group people communication online together on Christmas holiday.

This week (December 14-18) the E.C. is doing school virtually. We understand this must be disappointing  since this is the annual Christmas spirit week, but that’s ok. We are making a way to still participate!

We have set up a Google classroom which includes 5th through 12th graders (the whole East Campus). We will be using this classroom in several ways:

  1. We will be getting together at 8:00 AM each morning (use the classroom Meet link) for a time to connect, some games, and announcements. It’s ok if you cannot make it to this time. We encourage you to come, but it’s not mandatory. We will be incentivizing with a ticket for anyone who does show up to participate.
  2. We will also be using the classroom for participating in each day’s spirit week theme. We will have students post images of themselves participating. As always, any student participating in that day’s theme will receive another ticket.
  3. We can also post other goings-on, games, and trivia stuff in the timeline, etc.

Please check your email and accept the invite to join the classroom if you are a student in that building! We can still have a good time this Christmas spirit week!

More information about Christmas spirit week