WCA Update 5-12-2020

Dear WCA Parent, Guardian and Student:

Sick and tired of the pandemic yet?  We all crave for “normal” again. “Abnormal” is defined “as deviating into a way that is undesirable.”  I think we can all conclude that COVID-19 has been undesirable.  COVID-19 pushed all of us into by-ways that we could not predict, plan on, or prepare for.  Yet, we pressed on!

You are the heroes . . . the warriors. Fears of all types and magnitudes have beset every family far and wide. Facing down your fears and stepping out in faith you have vanquished many giants.  Although we are not finished yet, our hope increases daily.  We commend you for your bravery and courage.  We thank our Lord for His grace.  We pray for normal to return soon while we press on!

Our staff and educators did honorably and courageously as well. It is my honor to serve with this WCA staff.  They walked down paths never explored before.  Zoom, Google Hangout, Face-time and Facebook Live are now common to their vernacular.  Distance planning and communication were implemented among the administration. Faculty worked countless hours to adjust, and readjust, lesson plans to fit the governor’s guidelines and the Vermont Agency of Education mandates.  All had to learn to teach virtually and not in-person in a matter of days.  All had to remake their schedules to match the fluid schedules of the new normal.  All had to be sensitive to every home dynamic and find a reasonable approach.  Problem solving skills were tested as some students and homes struggled with inadequate wi-fi.  While some school districts in this country had their systems and plans crash, WCA overwhelmingly conquered and pressed on.

Guidelines from the Center for Disease Control, the President of the United States, Dr. Fauci or Governor Scott were a bit confusing, and sometimes, conflicting. How could Walmart have dozens of people mingling but church with a hand full of people told to close their doors?  How come some states (even countries) remained “open”, yet we are still in “lockdown?”  Weekly (and sometimes daily) guidelines changed.  Rumors of changed guidelines were taxing, too! Yet, we pressed on.

It became apparent two weeks ago that maintaining virtual learning was not a long-time solution and thus unsustainable.  We now have a new giant to challenge us . . . emotional instability.  Counseling, connecting with the discouraged or providing meals to the needy has increased substantially.  But we press on.

An in-person classroom setting maintains a relative level of consistency and reliability for the student, the teacher, and the parent.  Virtual learning tends to go in the other direction.  Several WCA families have had to overcome a lot.  Working from home, financial loss due to unemployment, multiple grades under one roof (and other complexities) contribute to an already stressful dynamic.  If you are experiencing financial stress contact our Business Administrator.  If we can assist with food or counseling call the office. We will help you press on.

I have given the directive to our teachers to begin winding down their academic year for the emotional well-being of many in our WCA family.  Some may finish sooner or a bit later.  All will be finished by the first week in June.  The end date for each class is left to the teacher for the following reasons:

Your student’s educator . . .

  1. Has the best knowledge of when to finish as they project for, and plan, next year
  2. Has the best knowledge of the curriculum and the best stopping point
  3. Has the best knowledge of the class’ academic ability, challenge and potential from virtual learning.
  4. Has one of the best insights to their class’ emotional state
  5. Needs additional time to get back the necessary work from the various formats or venues they were using.
  6. Needs to compile the information for grading
  7. Needs get report cards finished and coordinate all of this with an administrative staff working under social distancing guidelines

The governor’s guidelines will not permit graduations in the traditional sense.  The WCA administration is seeking other means by which to honor all WCA graduates.  So, we press on.

Faculty and staff are committing to the next academic year.  So, we press on.

Registration packets, plans and programs are initiated.  So, we press on.

Building and grounds are getting necessary maintenance.

WBC/WCA boards and committees still meet. We press on.

WCA is moving forward – successfully. Make your plans to do the same. We are pressing on!

I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. Phil. 3:13

For Christ and His Kingdom

Pastor Brian F. Fecher

WCA Administrator