WCA – weekly updates newsletter – 4/6/2022

Here’s this week’s updates!

Hot lunch menus

The hot lunch menus for the next 2 weeks are now posted on the school website under “resources.” The rest of the month of April will be posted soon.

Please make sure that your children are signed up online for lunch. It makes it much harder when Cesar has to add every child that needs lunch/paid but their name is not in the hot lunch list.


School days off in the month or April

Here are the days there will be no school in the month of April:

  • Friday, April 15th – Good Friday
  • Monday-Friday, April 18-22 – Spring Break

Achievement Testing Information

Achievement testing will be through the week of April 11th-14th. Tests administered will be the Iowa tests. These tests help determine how students are performing on nationwide standards. They help measure a student’s growth and progress in content areas such as Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and English Language. The exact tests that your child takes will depend on his or her grade level. We will have full school days on test days, however, tests will be administered in the morning.

 Some Tips on How Your Student Can Prepare and How You Can Help:

•Make sure that your child is in school on time on test days. Appointments should be scheduled for other out-of-school times or on non-testing days. 

•Make sure your child gets a good night’s sleep the night before and eats a healthy breakfast before each day of testing. 

•Remind your child that these tests are only one measure of what he or she has learned. Emphasize that you have the confidence in his or her ability to do the best job possible.

•Remind your child to listen to the directions and read each question carefully during testing. Encourage your student to ask the teacher for help if he or she does not understand the directions. 

Report Cards

Quarter three report cards were sent home with your child on Friday, April 1st. Remember, you can also access grades through the Gradelink website using your parent account! gradelink.com

 Pick-up Time

Thank you for your continued cooperation during pick up time. It makes for a nice flow of traffic. Below are just a few reminders:

  • If you need to speak with a teacher or another parent, please do so in the parking lot section
  • Please pull up to the lamp post if you are the first person in line or move up to the lamp post when those ahead of you have left.

2022 Formal – Black & White Masquerade – Cruise Dinner (updates)

The 2022 Cruise/formal is coming up quickly! Here’s the info you need!

  • It is Saturday, May 7th
  • Open to 6th-12th grade students, parents & staff
  • The total cost is $62 $50 per person (lowered due to Spring fundraiser)
  • RSVP NO LATER THAN APRIL 14th (with $25 deposit)
  • Remaining balance is due MAY 2nd!

Here’s the link to more information!

Honor Roll

Here are all the names on this quarter’s honor rolls!

    • Trent Austin
    • Annabel O’Meara
    • Makenzie Rouleau
    • James Mcshane
    • Lauren Trombly
    • Adelynn Dessereau
    • Paul Ku
    • Senait Brett
    • Wesley Casavant
    • Allyson Durkee
    • Myles Rosario
    • Keegan Sylvester
    • Samuel Brett
    • Rachel Longmoore
    • Athena Rossell
    • Amelia Whalen
    • Olivia South
    • Sam Fecher
    • Rosie Durkee
    • Joshua South
    • Naomi Cambio
    • Brookly Daniels
    • Joel Newsom
    • Hannah Brett
    • James Morgan
    • Eve Mesh
    • Trenton O’Meara
    • Elizabeth St. Denis
    • Tim Ku
    • Ryan Casavant
    • Marilyn O’Meara
    • Emma Schumacher
    • Rosie Fecher

School Registration (2022-2023)

The (2022-2023) Registration forms are updated and available for you to begin registering your student(s) for the upcoming school year. If your student plans on returning in the fall, it is important that you complete the Registration form and send in the Registration Fees: $60 per student and the Book Fees: $185 per student NO LATER THAN (May 2, 2022)!


Are your kids signed up for SONLIGHT for the Summer?

NOW is the time to get your students signed up for Sonlight Kids’ Camp… the slots are filling quickly! Sonlight Kids’ Camp is a Christ-centered camp for school-aged children though the 6th grade. Do you want your child to have a summer they’ll never forget? Sign them up TODAY!


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