WCA – weekly updates newsletter… first one of the 2023-2024 school year!

We have so many excitng announcements for you!

1. Supply lists

As you prepare for the coming school year, we have provided supply lists for the students. CHECK OUT THE REGISTRATION PAGE (under Misc. Forms) for the lists.

2. Admin Office Staff

We have an amazing office team put togeteher! Here’s a quick run-down:

  • Susan Hunt: Head of School
  • Cesar Trigos: Vice Principal
  • Shannon Trigos: Academic Advisor/Director of Curriculum
  • Michelle Lunde: Chief Financial Officer
  • Tim Lenahan: IT Specialist

3. Meet the Teacher BBQ, Tuesday September 5

WCA is hosting a special open house this year called the Meet the Teacher BBQ! Come enjoy outdoor fun, bounce houses, a cookout, and a chance to meet the teachers. There will also be a parent orientation CLICK HERE for more information.

4. The school calendar is available online

Our school calendar is conveniently available on the school website and on your Gradelink account. As the calendar is updated, we will update it online and send out notices.

5. School lunch update

Recently WCA admin released messaging concerning our hot lunch program. It began like this:

First, let me apologize for the short notice. Unfortunately, we have found ourselves
without a lunch cook for the upcoming school year. Our prayer is this will only be temporary until
a school cook can be hired. Upon receiving the information, WCA administration has worked
quickly to come up with the following short term solution.

WCA Administration

Here is a link to the rest of the letter:

Don’t forget to order pizza the first day of school if you want it for the first Friday!

6. Grading Scale Changes

We would like to remind you of the gradng scale changes this year. Here is a blurb from the letter that went out:

At the start of the 2023-2024 school year, we will be adjusting back to 70% as a passing grade and using the letter and percentage scale again. This change will not be retroactive, and all students who received higher than a 60% from 2020-2023, will still be considered as passing.

Grading Scale Letter

Both the grading scale letter and document are available on the REGISTRATION page.

7. Sonlight Afterschool Program

WCA offers afterschool care. However, you do need to register ahead of time. CLICK HERE for more details.

8. Mathematic Changes

  • WCA strives to offer in-person learning, and up until this point has done so across the board. However, due to limited staff we will be utilizing the online Abeka Pre-Algebra curriculum overseen by an in-person proctor. This is an asynchronous curriculum, and offers students the ability to pause the pre-recorded teaching sessions and rewind as needed to ensure they understand the lesson. The teacher is also available for questions via chat and email. We hope this to be a short term solution.
  • Intermediate Math and Algebra I will have in-person instruction twice a week. We will then have students work on mastering the concepts learned by using their workbooks twice a week with a proctor.

9. Fourth & Fifth Grade Changes

This year our fifth grade teacher, Mr. South, has relocated back to his home state of Missouri. He and his wife Susan will be greatly missed! Fifth grade is a very small class this year, including just four students. Mrs. Schumacher will be combining the fourth and fifth grade classes, with the support of an assistant teacher, to ensure students still receive the individualized attention they need. 

10. New start date reminder

This is just a reminder! The new start date for the 2023-2024 school year is Wednesday, September 6. HERE’S THE LETTER that went out.

11. Get your yearbooks!

We have yearbooks for sale! We have last year’s ready for sale and distribution. We also have a limited number from previous years. If you have ordered one, you can see Carolyn to pay for them and pick them up.

She will also have them available for sale at the Meet the Teacher BBQ.

12. A few New Introductions

We have some new teachers this year! Welcome them, if you can!
  • Samantha Fortier is coming on as our new sixth grade teacher! We’ve welcomer her already… CLICK HERE!
  • We would like to introduce John and Jackie Klar as the newest members of the WCA family. We are grateful and excited to have them join our team as they instruct a wide range of classes such as agriculture, health, Bible, culinary arts and some math.

Pray for us as we plan to have an exciting beginning to the new school year!