WCA – weekly updates newsletter – week of Friday, September 29th

Here’s this week’s news and updates!

1. We will be starting our first fundraiser soon!

We will be starting our first fundraiser soon! We have used Midland Fundraiser for a few years now and been very successful. This year we will be doing a Cookie Dough and Holiday Wish Fundraiser to raise money for our school. This will be starting on October 23rd and running for two weeks. Stay tuned for more details!

2. Grandparents Day will be Friday, October 20th!

This is for grandparents with students in grades K-6 and will be from 12:30-2:30. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION!

3. Dress up for chapel on Wednesdays.

Beginning Wednesday, October 4, 2023, students will be required to dress up for chapel. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION!

4. We are excited to start the Junior Safety Office (JSO) program beginning October 2nd.

The JSO program will be on a weekly rotation with two students working together for a week to help escort smaller children from the building to their vehicles and vice versa. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION!

5. Sign up for soccer!

We are beginning intramural soccer this season! CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION!

6. Let’s watch our speed at drop-off and pick-up times!

The safety of our children is always one of our top priorities. From keeping a safe environment to the speed of vehicles around our school. We have been observing that many motorists do not slow down even when someone is standing at the crosswalk. Therefore, we contacted the local authorities and they are posting an officer in the mornings and afternoons by our school to ensure that speed limits are maintained. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION!

7. Refer to the dress codes guidelines…

Please review the Dress Code and ensure that your student is wearing appropriate clothing. Refer to the dress code found on our website.


This includes haircuts for young men “Grooming: Clean and neat; hair neatly cut, styled, worn safely; hair off the ears & collar for men; facial hair must be maintained, neat and clean” 

If you have any questions please reach out to the main office.

8. Sixth grade is already planning for their end of the year field tip!

Sixth grade is already planning for their end of the year field trip! Their goal is to visit the Mystic Seaport and Aquarium in Connecticut. To fundraise for this, the sixth grade will be selling ice pops and novelty ice creams on Fridays, during the lunch period starting October 13th. This will be for several weeks. Ice pops will be 1.00, and novelty ice cream will be 2.00. Let’s help support their ambitious goal by purchasing some delicious desserts!