WCA – weekly updates newsletter – week of Friday, December 8th

Here’s this week’s news and updates!

1. Christmas at WCA

Christmas packets should have gone home with your students including the schedule for Christmas Spirit Week, a Remember December Calendar, Christmas Shop Info, and Candy Cane Tags and info. We also have the information posted online. Next week is going to be a busy but exciting week!

2. Christmas Concert – December 15

The Christmas Concert is Friday, December 15th at 6:30. Please have your child here by 6:00 P.M. and bring them to their classroom where they will wait with their teacher until it is time to perform. Once their performance is done, they will return to the classroom with their teacher. Drama students will wait in Mrs. Mesh’s classroom. Please have your child dressed as they would for chapel. This can be anywhere from khakis and a collared shirt to a suit and tie, or fancy Christmas dress. Please do not send your child in jeans. Christmas ties, bowties, vests, and dresses are encouraged! 

3. Love offering for teacher bonuses

During the Christmas Concert, we will be taking a love offering to go towards the teacher’s Christmas bonus. This is a way to show appreciation for the many sacrifices they make and the ways they continually pour into our students. We would be lost without our teachers!

4. Appropriate winter attire for recess

Winter is here! Please make sure your child has appropriate winter attire for recess. This includes ALL of the following: Snow pants, boots, jackets, hats/ear bands, gloves/mittens. Students in K-6th grade are required to participate in outdoor recess when above 15-20 degrees. If a child is not properly dressed, this makes it difficult for the student and the teacher as we do not have additional staff to stay inside with the student. If you need support with finding appropriate winter attire for your child, PLEASE contact the main office and we will assist you!

5. Sledding season is here!

Sledding season is upon us and we encourage students in grades K-6 to bring a clearly labeled sled to keep here at the school for your child to use at recess. 

6. The Cookie Swap sign up has begun!

You should have received a spreadsheet in your email where you can sign up to make cookies to show your appreciation for the teachers during this Christmas season. Please have them to the school by Wednesday, December 13th!

7. Midland orders are in and have been sent home

Midland orders are in and have been sent home, including cookie dough. Please make sure to contact the office if you are missing any items. (Remember, online orders are shipped directly to the customer!)

8. Lunchtime Christmas pretzel rod fundraiser

We are selling Christmas pretzel rods during lunch from now until Christmas break! They are $2/rod or 3 for $5. We will soon be taking orders for bouquets of a dozen. Stay tuned for more details!