WCA – weekly updates newsletter – week of Friday, January 12

Here’s this week’s news and updates!

1. Barre Amateur Soccer Association (BASA)

Did you love soccer this fall?  Do you want to play on a more competitive team this spring?  The Barre Amateur Soccer Association (BASA) is looking for players this spring, and they have extended an invitation for our students to join!  This organization is open for players age 6-18, and registration is going on now. Please visit their website for more information at www.barresoccer.com

2. We will be hosting an Academic Competition on March 15th!

We are hoping to include surrounding Christian schools such as Trinity, Mid Vermont and possibly others. This will include a Battle of the Books, Spelling Bee, Science Fair, Portrait Competition and written tests in History and Bible. Stay tuned for more information!

3. Midterm exams will be the week of Monday, January 15th through Friday, January 19th.

This is for grades 7-12 only. There will be no altered schedule and we will have full days. Exams have been scheduled for no more than two per day, and teachers will not be assigning additional homework other than to study for the exam. Exams are for each core class excluding P.E., Typing, Photography, Music, and Art. They are entered into the system as two test grades giving them the proper weight to the semester grade. Your student will be receiving a personalized schedule notifying them of when each of their exams will be as well as preparing with their teacher for each subject. We know you want them to do great and ask that you help them get plenty of rest and eat a great breakfast and lunch during this week! 

4. Basketball Announcements (including practice time changes)

Orange school informed us of a scheduling miscommunication on their end which unfortunately causes a change for our planned practice schedule.  After talking with the coaching staff, here is what we came up with.  The location has not changed, only the times.

  • Monday, January 15:  3:30pm-4:45pm  Middle School (9-12 years old)
  • Wednesday, January 17: 6:30-8pm JV (13+ years old)
  • Friday, January 19:  6:30-8pm JV
  • Saturday, January 20:  9-10:30am Middle School

We are hoping to get more clarification from Orange school early next week about what our schedule can be going forward.  We will keep you informed as soon as we know.  Thank you for your patience as we get our basketball program back off the ground!

Please remember that if you are signed up for basketball, you must have your signed permission slip and fee paid by the first day of practice.  If you have any questions, contact Alyssa Johnston alyssa.johnston@wcavt.org

PS. I found some SWEET vintage WCA basketball carrying bags in Collins Hall today! (I know you’re all as excited about them as I am 😀)

CLICK HERE for the basketball post where we are keeping all of the updated information.

5. Sonlight Kids’ Camp 2024 registration is now open!

,Sonlight Kids’ Camp is a Christ-centered camp for school-aged children through the 6th grade. Do you want your child to have a summer they’ll never forget? Sign them up TODAY! CLICK HERE

6. Money for pizza hot lunch is due on Wednesdays

As a reminder, money for pizza hot lunch is due on Wednesdays.  If you have prepaid for pizza, please check in with the office as a few of the balances are getting low, or have been slightly overdrawn.  Please keep in mind that the office staff tries to track it as best we can, but we do not have a way to bill for hot lunch, so prompt payment is appreciated.  Thank you!

7. WCA is still taking registrations for the second semester!

Our school is still taking registrations for the second semester! Do you have family or friends that are interested in an alternative to their current educational situation? Spread the word about WCA! It’s not too late to register for even this year! Send them to our website: wcavt.org

8. Little Flocks Nursery and Preschool currently has openings in our 3 year old preschool room.

If you are looking for a nurturing environment We may be the place for your child. Here at
Little flocks Nursery and Preschool, close relationships are built to help young ones make a
smooth transition from family life to the life of the larger school community. We are
committed to offering a safe, secure, loving atmosphere for each child. We offer a phonics
– based pre-literacy program, mathematics, science, Bible time, and balanced play and rest

If you are interested or you have any Question please contact
Kayla Ainsworth at kayla.ainsworth@wcavt.org or you can call 802-479-0141. Or visit our preschool page and fill out the contact form:


9. Battle of the Books!

Today marks the beginning of our two-month-long Battle of the Books! This is not a mandatory activity, however, we are highly encouraging all grades to participate within their division. Third through sixth grade has a list of books which is completely different from the list for the seventh through twelfth grade. Students should read as many of the books on their list before March 15th when we have our Jeopardy-style game to see who knows the most about the books on their list. Prizes will be awarded to the winner as well as our top readers. Books are available to be checked out from the main office. Please encourage your child to participate!