WCA – weekly updates newsletter – week of Friday, March 29

Here’s this week’s news and reminders!


1. Academic Competition Results

Here are the winners during the academic competition!


  • K-1st
    • 1st Audrey Bowerman
    • 2nd Huntley Dessureau
    • 3rd Elliot Beede
  • 2nd-3rd
    • 1st Hallie Bowerman
    • 2ndRhydian Fortier
    • 3rd Wesley Dexter, Chase O’Connor
    • and Ryker Guitreau
  • 4th-6th
    • 1st Kermit O’Meara
    • 2nd Trent Austin
    • 3rd Anabell O’Meara
  • 7th-12th
    • 1st Alex Trigos and Marilyn O’Meara
    • 2nd Addelynn Dessureau and Senait Brett
    • 3rd Emma Schumacher and James McShane


  • K-1st
    • 1st Huntley Dessureau
    • 2nd Sarai Fortier
    • 3rd Sadie Sheridan
  • 2-3rd
    • 1st Hallie Bowerman
    • 2nd Chase O’Connor
    • 3rd Wesley Dexter
  • 4th-6th
    • 1st Sawyer Trombly, Molly Hunt and Carys Read
    • 2nd Annabell O’Meara and Josiah Ainsworth
    • 3rd William Ransom, Sofie Sheridan and Chandler Cripps
  • 7th-8th
    • 1st Jaxon O’Connor
    • 2nd Jonah Ainsworth
    • 3rd Marilyn O’meara
  • 9th-12th
    • 1st Allie Durkee
    • 2nd Senait Brett and Rosie Durkee
    • 3rd Emma Schumacher

Sword Drills

  • 1st Sarai Fortier and Oliver Collins
  • 2nd Meegan Fortier

Spelling Bee

  • Spelling Champion: Molly Hunt

Science Fair:

  • Science Fair Champion: Wesley Dexter
  • 1st Hallie Bowerman
  • 2nd Kermit O’Meara and Tyler Lemieux
  • 3rd Josiah and Jeremiah Ainsworth

Battle of the Books:

  • 1st Jacob Ainsworth
  • 2nd Senait Brett
  • 3rd Caylee Ford

Portrait Competition:

  • 1st Adelynn Dessureau
  • 2nd Lyla Cook

2. Solar eclipse – April 8th – WCA plans

On Monday, April 8th, 2024, there will be a solar eclipse over the United States, with our area in Vermont experiencing totality around 3:30 PM. Despite initial plans for a school activity day, school will be canceled as per state guidelines. Instead, a space-themed day will be held on Friday, April 5th, featuring costumes, educational activities about solar eclipses, and a space-themed movie to prepare for the event.

3. Save your cans and bottles for WCA!

Help support WCA by saving your cans and bottles and turning them in at Beverage Baron (411 N. Main Street in Barre). Simply tell them it’s for WCA.

4. Thank You to our guest chapel speakers!

We wanted to take a moment to give a shoutout to our guest chapel speakers! We have been working hard at bringing new speakers in for WCA chapel services for the second half of this year. Vermont pastors are a very bust group of people, and many times the drive in from quite a difference!. Thank you for being a part of seeing our students grow spiritually!

5. Please, no snowball fights!

At this time we are asking that no more snow ball fights take place among students. If you have any questions please reach out to Susan Hunt.

6. Intent to re-enroll for the 2024-2025 school year

students have received an Intent to Re-Enroll form from their homeroom teacher. Please take the time to complete this form and return to school as soon as possible. We ask that all forms be returned by April 12, 2024. This is a non-binding form and is not a part of the official registration for next school year. This information is utilized to assist with planning for the upcoming school year. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to Susan Hunt directly. Thank you for your time and attention.

7. Student planners for 7-12 grades

At the beginning of the year, the school issued student planners to all students. These have mostly not been used by students in grades 7-12, and has led to some recurring issues with missing assignments and lower-than-necessary grades. Starting Monday, April 1st, we reissued a new planner to students in grades 7-12 for the fourth quarter. Teachers will be requiring students to record their homework assignments and other important information in their planner. All assignments will now be streamlined in the planner and accessible in one place for both students and parents. Teachers are still encouraged to add assignments in Gradelink and/or Google Classroom, however, we are working hard at teaching discipline and organizational skills to our students to set them up for success!


1. Hot lunch ordering!

We are very excited to announce two additional days each week that WCA will offer
hot lunch! Please read the letter from Head of School Susan Hunt for all of the details.

REMINDER… please sign your children up for hot lunch by Thursday of each week!

2. FAST application reminder

The FAST financial aid application process is open at this time. The application deadline is 5/30/2024.

4. Sonlight Kids’ Camp 2024 registration is now open!

Sonlight Kids’ Camp is a Christ-centered camp for school-aged children through the 6th grade. Do you want your child to have a summer they’ll never forget? Sign them up TODAY!

5. Little Flock Nursery and Preschool currently has openings in our 3 year old preschool room.

If you are looking for a nurturing environment We may be the place for your child. Here at
Little flocks Nursery and Preschool, close relationships are built to help young ones make a
smooth transition from family life to the life of the larger school community. We are
committed to offering a safe, secure, loving atmosphere for each child. We offer a phonics
– based pre-literacy program, mathematics, science, Bible time, and balanced play and rest time.

If you are interested or you have any Question please contact Kayla Ainsworth at kayla.ainsworth@wcavt.org or you can call 802-479-0141. Or visit our preschool page and fill out the contact form:

6. Drivers Ed – March 14 through April 18

Drivers Ed will be from March 14-April 18, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 5 – 7 PM.

8. Legacy Banquet

Friday, May 10th is the new date for the banquet.  Invitations will be mailed or delivered shortly with information about the event and how to RSVP. We hope you will join us! This will be a dinner theater and the students have been working hard at recording some great material for all to enjoy. If you are not able to join us, but still want to donate to Websterville Christian Academy or sponsor a table, you can send your donation to WCA at P.O. Box 1, Websterville, VT 05678 or on our website at wcavt.org/give.

9. Fireside Youth is starting a study in Genesis

The youth ministry at Websterville Baptist Church is called “Fireside Youth. It focuses on junior and senior highers, but sixth graders are invited after Christmas! This year we are beginning a study in the book of Genesis.

10. Help WCA through the Hannaford Helps fundraiser!

Hannaford is running a fundraiser through June 1. Participating is simple…

  1. Download the app
  2. Look for the “Hannaford Helps” labels on the shelves while shopping
  3. Check out like normal
  4. Scan the code on the coupon at checkout

This will earn WCA money! We would appreciate any help you can give! Click the button below for more information on Hannaford’s site.

14. One of our students is in a local drama performance!

Our very own Tristan is performing in the Northfield Middle and High School performance of The Adams Family School Edition! It will be performed April 4th and 5th (at 7 PM) and APril 6 (at 2 PM). Click the link below for more details and to purchase tickets.

16. WCA Formal – May 11th

Mark your calendars for Saturday, May 11th! The formal will be for 7th-12th grade. This will be a busy weekend for some, and we apologize for the crowded weekend of events. More information will be made available as the day gets closer.