WCA – We’re kicking off the school year with a COLOR FUN RUN/WALK!

The Parent Teacher Partnership is kicking off this school season with a Color Fun Run/Walk!

Our goal is to provide a fun event for everyone to enjoy! This event is not a race and will not be timed. We are asking for sponsorships for the event however, we want everyone to participate. The suggested minimum sponsorship is $25.

Each participant will receive a “Race Packet”. In that packet will be a White WCA shirt, sunglasses and other fun goodies. There will be three color stations the students can run or walk through while volunteers color them head to toe! If a student wishes to go around each color station that is ok too!

Each participant will have volunteers who will throw non-toxic colored powder on/at the “run/walkers.” The color is non-toxic and “may” wash out of clothing. (Please bring a change of clothing, and a towel to school that day.)

If you would like to make the color run powder stay on the shirt to save the memories, we have some simple step-by-step instructions!

**The 3 Students with the highest sponsors will earn the right to “COLOR” members of the faculty**

When:  Friday, September 2nd   

Where: Vine St. Campus

Time: 1-2:30 PM

Please send your child to school with clothing/sneakers that you do not mind if they get stained. This color may wash out, or it could be there forever. A change of clothes, a towel and water bottle are recommended. Students are encouraged to wear white pants, add tutu’s, have crazy hair and have fun with this event!


WCA Parent Teacher Partnership

We need the permission form WHICH INCLUDES THE SHIRT SIZE filled out by August 19!

  • The EASY way to register is via this online form: CLICK HERE!
  • If you need to, you can print it out and return it in-person: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD PDF
  • Otherwise, please come by the Vine Street office BEFORE August 19 and fill one out in-person!

If you have any questions, contact Ginny (ginnyraboin31@gmail.com).