Weekly Announcements Newsletter – week of 2/1/2021


  • Pick Up Reminders
  • Hot Lunch Reminders

These are friendly reminders for those picking up students at the end of the day at the main campus:

  1. As cars leave, please pull your vehicle forward. Space is limited, and we would like to avoid having lots of vehicles waiting on the main road.
  2. Please be mindful of the snow banks when you come to pick up your student. Allow for enough room between your vehicle and the snow banks so that you and/or your student can get in and out of the vehicle without having to walk through the snow banks.
  3. Please limit any conversations between you and other parents, staff and/or students when picking up your student at the end of the day. We need to keep the line of traffic moving.
  4. We ask that you please DO NOT hand checks or cash for tuition payments to us, especially on a Friday, when picking up your student at the end of the day. Once our admin staff has helped get your student to your vehicles, they leave for the day and are not entering payments into Smart Tuition. To avoid receiving a possible late fee from Smart Tuition, please drop your tuition checks off – in the office when you drop your students off in the morning.

Hot Lunch Reminder: When filling out Hot Lunches online, please fill out ONE FORM PER STUDENT!

Hot Lunch Ordering Page

This form needs to be filled out prior to Monday morning. The report is printed on Monday mornings and given to our Hot Lunch lady. IF you forget to sign your student up for Hot Lunch prior to Monday morning, you will need to contact Cesar Trigos at #479-0141 to let him know.