WCA Closing Thursday & Friday (plus other updates in this week’s Warrior Reveille)

What a season it has been this year! The Agnew-Stryker Childcare Center has been approved and has been up and running (now just got approved for eight more students), many volunteers are stepping up around the school, and there are still inquiries coming in for new WCA enrollees for this Spring semester!

God has certainly been good!

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This Thursday and Friday (February 6th and 7th) we will be closing down WCA. With so many students and teacher out sick in the high school, and winter weather forecasted to come our way, it just makes sense to take a quick break.

Here’s the information in the form of this week’s Warrior Reveille

NOTE: Little Flock and Little Lambs will NOT be affected by this closure. They will remain open for working parents who need childcare.